Investing In Norwalk
Makes Dollars & Sense.
Here’s Why.

Norwalk Is A Fast Growing, Business-Friendly City With A Sizable Population Of 90,000.

The city has an actionable plan to modernize infrastructure, improve walkability, create jobs, add housing and enhance innovation and technology. A major neighborhood revitalization effort is already underway with major investors and developers involved.

Located In Fairfield County

Total Population 90,000

Median Income $81,546

Households In Poverty 9.2%


Total Jobs


Total Businesses

Reliability &

Norwalk has a AAA bond rating. There has been significant state and federal investment already made in these census tracts. Since 2010 there have been 14 large scale development projects in the OZ areas. This adds up to over 2 billion dollars of investment. And the investors are returning as we are continuing to see new development projects being discussed or already in planning.

Friendly City

The City of Norwalk wants and needs development. We have developed and approved numerous plans that detail our approach for infrastructure and development. Planning and Zoning, City Council, The Mayor’s Office are all aligned for future growth.

Already In

Your investment dollars would not be going into a phase 1 program. Our revitalization efforts are well underway and you will reap the reward of a revitalization program that is a decade in the making.


What makes Norwalk great is its diversity of entertaining attractions. The Maritime Aquarium, Children’s Museum, The Long Island Sound Harbor, Sheffield Island Lighthouse, a new 700,000 sq ft shopping mall as well as numerous other tourist sites.

the sono collection mall Norwalk South Norwalk

Job Growth &
Talent Pool

Norwalk indexes higher than the national average for the age 20-45 age range. The ideal age for a workforce. Over 45% of the workforce has a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Transportation Options

Norwalk has numerous entrance and exit ramps for I-95 and Route 7 including those that are within the Opportunity Zones. Metro-North commuter rail has a stop within the zone that's a 60-minute trip from NYC. Norwalk also runs its own transit service and recently launched an innovative uber-like shuttle service within the urban core called Wheels2U.

south Norwalk train station metro north railroad mta

The Opportunity is Now

While construction is under way across the city, there are still plenty of opportunities and parcels that require improvement.

Each of these urban census tracts have pockets of urban blight, economic distress and social challenges. The West Avenue Corridor and the Wall Street District still have a significant number of vacant storefronts and blighted properties – over 30% in some areas. There are many empty, industrial or completely underutilized parcels that could be developed independently or bundled together for more attractive investments. There are old industrial plants that will require decontamination and rehabilitation that will allow reuse of existing infrastructure. There has been much conversation about reopening an unused MetroNorth train station stop in downtown. We can help you navigate, discover, and invest in great developments within these exciting Opportunity Zones.

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Datto, Norwalk CT
Convergence, Norwalk CT
Frontier, Norwalk CT
HomeServe, Norwalk CT
GE Capital, Norwalk CT
Priceline, Norwalk CT
Xerox, Norwalk CT
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